Pacing yourself while running

I run cross-country and will run track this year. This means that I must stay in shape year-round. Even though the winter is cruel, I try to run a mile every day. Not outside of course, but on a treadmill. Where so many people go wrong with distance is they don’t know how to pace themselves. At my first 5k, I sprinted my heart out at the beginning. *Hint-don’t do that!!!!! You need to do your jogging pace. The people who start out like how I did at races will practically pass out and walk almost the whole race. When you pacing yourself accordingly, you will get farther faster. Also, don’t complain about running or call running stupid. Some people would love to run but can’t from disease or injury. Read about a great example of this in “The Running Dream” written by Wendelin Van Draanen. Keep calm and run on!!!


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